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Production processes improvement and company efficiency increase with a powerful ERP system

PANTHEON Manufacturing is a program for manufacturing companies that will manage your company’s processes more efficiently.

Improved business operations

Monitoring of processes, deadlines, efficiency of employees in one system. Definition of work orders, work order lead times, employees involved in production operations. Work orders for each sub-detail, part, assembly and finished product. For each work order, you can see what materials have been put in (with their batch, if any), what finished components have been received (again with their batch, if any), in which next level the components are put.

More precise determination of the deadlines for implementation

The status and level of order performance are visible at any time. Satisfied customers get the exact delivery time. Pantheon allows calculation both ways – when work should start to have item X ready on a certain date or, if we start work on a certain date when will item X be ready.

A faster and simpler workflow

Preparation of materials and operations from raw materials to the final result, which can also be done via the mobile application.

More precise planning

An easy overview of required facilities and available work resources ensures better planning and execution. All work orders are combined in a schedule that can also be presented in the form of a Gantt Chart. Additionally, these documents can be exported in various formats (MS Project, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.).

Effective functioning

Based on the work operations, you will prepare the business plan in the most appropriate way, and then you can view it in different views (day, week, month, year).

Transparent production units management

Any production unit may be entered as a production resource in Pantheon. This enables the calculation of the occupancy of each resource and the preparation of graphs of the resource engagement and the filling of its capacity.

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