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Electronic business or e-Business is a general term for electronic business processes that are based on electronic data processing and their transfer (transfer) between computers.

E-business allows you to work several times faster, improves your ability to adapt to market changes, provides more accurate and more easily accessible information about your operations, reduces material costs, and costs related to postal services, as well and renting or buying offices.

Choose what you need

  • Work processes

Define steps for daily workflows. It’s time to optimize, automate and speed up the routine in everyday life and repetitive tasks that waste your time.

  • E-documentation

Your DMS (Document management system) stores your company’s documents. Electronic documentation can store all your documents that were in folders or simply were somewhere around the company.

  • Automatic input

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Automatic entry allows you to use the power of OCR to scan invoices and convert data from paper to electronic.

  • Electronic invoices

Simple, fast, cheap and environmentally friendly! Trust the electronic invoice and join the businesses that have realized that the future will be paperless.

  • Archiving

Keep your databases safe and secure so you can focus on your business. Automate the daily backup process of your most valuable data.

  • Electronic exchange

Electronic data exchange is the automatic transfer of data in a standardized format, used in situations where business partners exchange various electronic documents. e-Exchange ensures fast and efficient exchange of information without errors.

Main advantages of the e-business

  • Easy and secure data exchange;
  • Secure data storage;
  • Faster processing that saves time;
  • More time for analysis and customer care;
  • Quick and easy access wherever you are;
  • Receiving and issuing electronic invoices;
  • Automatic data backup;
  • Regular updates due to changes in legislation;
  • In accordance with international accounting standards;
  • Wide range of support and assistance options;
  • No big upfront investment – ​​pay for what you use;
  • The prices for specific e-business solutions are available on our website.

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