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Server for rent

To start ERP quickly and without problems. The agency offers you to use our server for rent with Pantheon X. You will receive:

Do you remember the recent past, when the Internet was not everywhere? What happened when a company decided to install and use a new application? In one sentence – many things happened. What exactly? Here are some of them, something may have been missed.

Once the application to be used was selected, it was time to choose a server (we are talking about hardware). This was followed by the purchase and installation of an operating system. If the application came without a database, the purchase of database management software and its installation followed.

Next step – install the selected application and connect it to the database. Now came the fun part – installing the workstation system and connecting it to the server. We do not include here the part that covered Cyrillic, Latin and, if there are other exotic alphabets. The finale (not necessarily the finale) was data archiving. Many times, on an external drive that stands next to the server?!? What happens if the server is stolen along with the external drive attached to it? What happens if there is a fire? The data just disappears. It doesn’t start over. In the beginning there was no data loss, and now there is.