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SoftOne CRM – Connect with your customers from anywhere

SoftOne CRM is an all-in-one software-as-a-service that helps your business connect more closely with your customers. This way you can provide professional service, sell more and grow your business further. SoftOne CRM gives your business an advantage by having the most accurate customer information and a better understanding of the customer. With real-time functionality, SoftOne CRM enables your employees to connect and strengthen existing relationships and create new sales opportunities using any mobile device.

SoftOne CRM runs on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. In this way, it helps your business reduce operating costs while your merchants sell more. At the same time, managers have better information and your customers can be served better.

Empower your sales team

It is important to gather information about your customers in one place and see the whole picture from the point of view of marketing, sales, support and service. This will allow management to easily use data to resolve support issues and effectively manage orders, payments, leads and sales opportunities. In this way, you will always be ahead of your competition and offer even better service to your customers through the mobile connection.

Why SoftOne CRM?

  • You will convert more leads into real customers

SoftOne CRM offers everything your sales team needs to effectively manage sales opportunities, track customer information in real-time, and execute marketing campaigns to turn more leads into real customers.

  • Better customer service

You’ll improve your customer relationships and help your team deliver exceptional service and support every time. With SoftOne CRM you will easily automate communication. This will help you focus on personal service and solving your customers’ problems better.

  • Detailed information about customers and potential customers

SoftOne CRM consolidates all customer and prospect details. It has built-in sales analytics and builds comprehensive reports. Thus, trends can be effectively identified and reliable information can be extracted. In this way, you increase your sales and build relationships with loyal customers through impressive support.

  • Work from anywhere

SoftOne CRM will enable your employees to manage customer relationships and maximize the value of every possible sale. SoftOne CRM offers your sales team everything they need to effectively manage existing and prospective customers at any time, using any mobile device.

  • Lower TCO (Total cost of ownership)

You can keep your running costs low and eliminate the resources you put into IT. You’ll forget about all the big upfront and ongoing investments to buy and manage in hardware and software. This can be done by deploying SoftOne as per your requirements. Then choose a subscription plan and use the app without compromising on performance or functionality.

  • Maximum security and reliability

Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure data centers, SoftOne offers you peace of mind with its unmatched level of security, network monitoring, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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