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Soft1 cloud ERP – ERP in Cloud – Your Way

SoftOne cloud ERP Series 6 is a comprehensive solution that simplifies every part of your operations by removing much of the complexity of your business. With rich and stable functionality, SoftOne Cloud ERP 6 can be configured and set up to suit your way of doing business with minimal IT investment and resources. With modules that support all critical business areas of your organization, it helps you manage your finances, reduce your operational costs and simplify your supply chain, production and operations.

Operating in state-of-the-art data centers on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, SoftOne is backed by Microsoft’s investment in high-end, high-security infrastructure.

SoftOne is designed to allow users to easily use its in-depth functionality. You can accelerate and support all of your core business processes right from the start with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that matches your role in the company. With options for configuration and development, SoftOne fully adapts to the needs of your business, providing an immediate response to new challenges in the market.

Everywhere, on every device

SoftOne is a future-proof solution which keeps your employees focused on their tasks through personalized user settings with secure and reliable web and mobile applications. This enables everyone to work from anywhere, achieve more and serve their customers better.

Why SoftOne?

  • Lower TCO (Total cost of ownership)

You can keep your running costs low and eliminate the resources you put into IT. You’ll forget about all the big upfront and ongoing investments to buy and manage in hardware and software. This can be done by deploying SoftOne as per your requirements. Then choose a subscription plan and use the app without compromising on performance or functionality.

  • Innovations in mobility

SoftOne is especially designed for the generation of mobile users. Because of this, it provides a true mobile user experience that requires little or no training. This increases productivity and enables your employees to make adequate decisions on the fly.

  • Maximum security and reliability

Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure data centers, SoftOne offers you peace of mind with its unmatched level of security, network monitoring, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Fast evaluation time

With no additional hardware required, SoftOne allows you to be up and running in just weeks instead of months. This allows you to focus on running the business, not the software.

  • Scale that meets the needs

You can easily increase or decrease your software requirements (users and functionality) as needed. SoftOne enables your business to quickly and easily deploy resources in an environment where congestion never occurs.

  • Always up to date

Stop worrying about getting stuck on old versions. With SoftOne, system updates are done automatically in the cloud. This way, new features can be easily added as your business grows and changes.

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