Soft1 cloud ERP – ERP in Cloud – Your Way

SoftOne cloud ERP Series 6 is a comprehensive solution that simplifies every part of your operations by removing much of the complexity of your business. With rich and stable functionality, SoftOne Cloud ERP 6 can be configured and set up to suit your way of doing business with minimal IT investment and resources. With modules […]

SoftOne CRM – Connect with your customers from anywhere

SoftOne CRM is an all-in-one software-as-a-service that helps your business connect more closely with your customers. This way you can provide professional service, sell more and grow your business further. SoftOne CRM gives your business an advantage by having the most accurate customer information and a better understanding of the customer. With real-time functionality, SoftOne […]

Production processes improvement and company efficiency increase with a powerful ERP system

PANTHEON Manufacturing is a program for manufacturing companies that will manage your company’s processes more efficiently. Improved business operations Monitoring of processes, deadlines, efficiency of employees in one system. Definition of work orders, work order lead times, employees involved in production operations. Work orders for each sub-detail, part, assembly and finished product. For each work […]

How to start a digital transformation?

What is a digital transformation? To better understand what exactly digital transformation is, let’s start with the definition of digitalization. Digitization involves the use of digital technologies to change business models. On the other hand, digital transformation refers to specific changes in business, the development of new business models and the increase of market competitiveness […]

Think global – act local when choosing an ERP system for your business

What is the difference between “concurrent”/ “competition” and “named” user licensing? Every executive director who at least once had to make such a choice knows how difficult it is to make the right decision when choosing an ERP system for a company. In recent years, there has been an increase in the presence of global […]

Make your business faster, more adaptive, and easier

Е-Business Electronic business or e-Business is a general term for electronic business processes that are based on electronic data processing and their transfer (transfer) between computers. E-business allows you to work several times faster, improves your ability to adapt to market changes, provides more accurate and more easily accessible information about your operations, reduces material […]